Dear Bedmate,

I knew you were kind of mad at me for I sometimes hide in your bed. And I felt sorry for that. I won’t really do it again. I will always be in your bed from now on. Join you when you’re studying. Crawl in your shirt when you are in the class. Just for the sake that you won’t be mad at me.

You know you’re very lucky for I am choosy with friends. I like you when you’re not cleaning your bed. I like it when you’re appreciating the itch when I’m sipping your blood. I like it when you are touching the tiny red hill passionately when it itches.

So don’t be mad at me because these things show that I really love you:
1. I sip your blood because I think you’re too fat and I’m trying to make you slender.
2. I think you maintain your health to give me fresh blood that’s as sweet like a candy.
3. I make your body my playground. Aren’t the tiny red hills on your skin pretty? I will make more of them don’t worry.
4. I join you in your sleep because I think you’re scared and you need to someone to be with.
5. I am always in your happiness because I saw you kill my brothers and its okay for me.
6. I love it when you’re trying to seduce me for you are beautiful and sexy when sleeping.
7. I won’t tell your secrets and you can trust me with your controversy. For as long as you need, I’ll stick around.

We both know that you could live without me but I don’t think I can live without you. I’ve always been there for you whenever you have problems and whenever you are alone. I’m afraid of losing you. I’m sorry for anything that made you mad.

Lovingly yours,