USSCF 2020-2021


John Allan A. Gulles
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Student Regent


Dexter T. Ramirez
Bachelor in Secondary Education
CoEd-SSC President


Chad Christian D. Wales
Bachelor of Science in Forestry
CFES-SSC President


Jemaica C. Mueda
Bachelor of Science in Agri-business
CME-SSC President


Randy C. Senado
Bachelor in Secondary Education
VSU- Tolosa SSC President


Junrey G. Goles
CAS-SSC President
Committee on Justice and Student Rights

Shanelle P. Gogo
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
CN-SSC President
Committee on Information

Jereco M. Garrata
Bachelor in Secondary Education
VSU Alang-alang SSC President
Committee on Student Organizations

Jonathan B. Misperos Jr.
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
CAFS-SSC President
Committee on Education

Jornel D. Hinoguin
Bachelor in Secondary Education
VSU-Villaba SSC President
Committee on Socio-Cultural Affairs

Rhea Excell F. Mejia
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
CVM-SSC President
Committee on Sanctions

Kim S. Osma
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
VSU-Isabel SSC President
Committee on Sports

Ben Daniel N. Gamutan
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
CoE-SSC President
Committee on Student Welfare and Housing