Medical Assistance

USSC offers Medical Assistance to students who are sick or have met an accident. Below are the guidelines:


General Guidelines

  1. Should be a bona fide student of the Visayas State University
  2. Have paid the 50 pesos USSC Membership Fee
  3. Be admitted for at least 24 hours

Documents Needed:

  1. COR of the present semester
  2. USSC Membership Fee Receipt (if possible)
  3. Medical Abstract or Certificate
  4. Medical Expenses Receipt (if already issued)
  5. Medical Benefits Issued (e.g. Phil Health)
  6. Photos taken at the Hospital

In the case of accident:

It must be within the premises of the University or a school related activity with permit from USSO


Case 1 – Common afflictions requiring 2 days hospitalization. (Submission of requirements maximum of  2 days after discharge)

Case 2 – Physical injuries and afflictions requiring extended hospitalization (1 week after discharge)

Case 3 – Major afflictions and physical injuries requiring surgery and extended hospitalization resulting in disruption of routine school activity.

Case 1 – P 1,000.00

Case 2 – P 2, 000.00

Case 3 – P 3, 000.00

Students may contact USSC through our hotline (09174551447) or approach their respective college presidents in order to avail the assistance.