Organizational Assistance

USSC offers monetary assistance to student organizations as a way of support to their activities. Below are the guidelines for the USSC Organizational Assistance:


  1. Only official student organizations recognized by USSO will be able to apply.
  2. In cases of collaborations, only one organization will be allowed to apply for the organizational assistance for the said activity.
  3. Student organizations can only apply for the organizational assistance once per semester

I. Activity Proposal

II. Screening Panel

  • There will be a screening panel composed of three (3) USSC officers and
    the Adviser for Finance.
  • The panel chairman will be the Head of the Committee on Student Organizations.

III. Criteria

  • The Organization’s activity shall be judged according to the following

Proposal                                                  -40%
Relevance to the Organization      -20%
Adherence to USSC VMG                  -40%

  • If the overall rating of the activity does not reach 75%, the organization
    will not receive the assistance.

IV. Grounds for Disqualification

  • If the number of expected attendees/people involved in the activity is less
    than 50 people
  • If the number of contributing members is more than 50 AND the
    contribution exceeds Php 100.
  • If the bank account balance of the organization is more than Php 20,000
  • If the organization is a CSSC
  • If the activity is a social event