USSC Financial Grant

General Guidelines

  • Must be a bona fide VSU Student.
  • Must not have a failing grade in the previous semester.
  • Must have a GPA of at least 2.25
  • Must have no other Scholarship/Financial Grants
  • Has paid USSC Membership Fee.


  • Application form (2 copies)
  • ID picture (2 x 2) (2 copies)
  • Certificate of Registration (CoR)
  • Copy of Previous Semester’s Grades
  • Receipt of USSC Membership Fee (if possible)

Return Service

Will become a member of the USSC Steering Committee

Submission of Requirements

For Main Campus

Application forms must be submitted to John Allan A. Gulles, USSC Vice – President


For External Campuses

Application forms must be submitted to CSSC – Presidents



You can download the application form here.